BeetV App – How to Manage Your Android Devices Using BeetV App

BeetV App is the new version of the original Android application. As a result of the huge amount of downloads, it has been given a new name to the Android Market called BeetV App. The developers have made the app completely free for all users and are available as a freeware download. Although there are a lot of reviews about the app, there are still a lot of unanswered questions that are being asked by the users.

Some of the users are confused about the different versions of this application. In order to avoid confusion, it has been divided into several versions so that the users can choose the best one according to their needs. The different versions of this app are:

This is the basic version of the Android app. This version is available in both free and paid versions and has a very limited number of features. Users can download this version if they want to use the basic version of the software without paying for it.

The Advanced version of the software is the upgradeable version of this application. It has the added feature of widgets in the Android applications. In this version, users can create their own home screen by adding other apps on this screen. Widgets are added by connecting to the Google API and using the SDK to use the Android API libraries. Users can also make use of the Tasker to create custom widgets and set them as the home screen.

This is the advanced version of the Android application:

This is the advanced version of the Android application and offers more advanced features to users. It comes with a widget manager which allows users to control the widgets by creating a combination of widgets and tasks that can be done at the same time. The advanced version of this software comes in different versions and users can easily choose the one that fits their needs and preferences.

All in all, BeetV Android App is a good software that offers many features to help users manage their Android devices. However, users can ask any question related to the application to the developers so that they can help them get answers for the queries. With a little help, they can easily use this software and get the most out of this amazing application.

If you are looking for more information about BeetV App, you can visit its official website. You will also find a support system for users who need technical support for their applications. Users can also post questions on the forums in order to get answers quickly and easily. If you are interested, you can also check out its official blog, which has articles and reviews posted every day to help users understand how to use this application better.

Beat Android application has a variety of features that can be used by the users. So, if you are looking for the best way to manage your android devices, you can find a great application for yourself by looking for the links to this great software on the official site.

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